Vintage is the new fashion

Islington area is perfect for a romantic walk, a beautiful and interesting play in the best theatre pub in London and also for those Arsenal fans out there. Quite a unique mix. What you can also do in this district is to enjoy a taxi transfer with Islington Taxi. We might not have vintage cars or famous actors, but we do offer an unforgettable memory. This is why we fit perfectly in this mixed area. Our newest cars and prompt pick-ups can help you arrive on time to see a play at The King’s Head Theatre or watch a football match at the Arsenal stadium. Islington Taxi can also help you carry home all of those shopping bags that you have bought from the Camden Passage Antiques Gallery.

As you can see, you have no reason to not choose Islington Taxi. In addition to all those benefits mentioned above, we also provide a professional customer support team. They might not recite poetry and they will never tell you fairy tales, but they will definitely give you the right answers to all of your questions regarding our taxi transfers. That is possible because they all have the necessary trainings and they are also very friendly and polite. Another great thing that Islington Minicab has prepared for you is the easy booking process. We know that your time is precious, so you can make a reservation over the phone, by e-mail, chat or by using our mobile or online application.

All of this was done because Islington Taxi likes to keep in touch with every new technological development, in order to make your lives and your taxi transfer much easier and also much more efficient. Of course, this is possible due to great communication between Islington Taxi’s Team and our respectable customers. Constant feedback is an essential part of contemporary times and it leads to a better future. We always take it into consideration and we advise all of our current or possible passengers to speak their mind. Because we want our taxi transfer to be a good story with a happy end that you will share with all of your loved ones…